Can your business
afford to lose power?

When power loss and downtime is measured in dollars and not minutes, you can’t afford to stay offline. Our UPS systems are designed to keep your business – and bottom line – efficient and operational.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Keep your business running smoothly during power surges or sags, which can affect payment processing equipment. Never lose a sale with our series of SMB UPS systems.

IT and Server

Business owners and IT professionals depend on bXterra UPS systems every day. Make sure your data and network are safe with our rack/tower UPS systems.

VoIP and Telecom Systems

When communication and customer contact is a necessity, power loss isn’t an option. Our SP series of UPS systems provide power protection for your communication systems.

Technology. Business. Power.

Technology enhances your business, connecting you with customers and optimizing your workflow and operations. Your business is the passion you’ve put your hard work, time and effort into. Power is the driving force that holds both technology and your business together.


Operations and Logistics

Will your packages get shipped in time if you experience a power loss at your business? Ensure your workflow and shipping operate efficiently even when the power goes out with a bXterra UPS backup system. Our power solutions will provide peak performance and continuity for your equipment across every level of your organization.

Small to Medium Server Rooms

Your servers and data are your business. Our SP series of backup systems provide battery backup, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and surge suppression for the routers, switches, backup servers, network appliances, PDUs and more in your small to medium server rooms. Remote monitoring, pure sine wave output, outlet priority management and many more features are included in our rack/tower UPS systems.


Security Systems

Is your business or warehouse safe during a power outage? Our SMB UPS systems can provide battery backup and power protection to security cameras, sensors, digital keypads and more. Don’t lose sleep about whether your security systems are working if the power dips or sags – our SP series of pure sine wave UPS systems provide clean, regulated power to your connected equipment.

24-Point Quality Assurance

Our 24-Point Quality Assurance Testing delivers equipment you can trust. The ISO 9001:2015-certified factory where our engineers test every product we make ensures our high standards for precision, reliability and performance are achieved. Continuous product innovation, greener solutions and new technologies at the highest-quality standards are at the foundation of how we deliver complete customer satisfaction.