Can you afford to lose
power in a connected world?

It’s easy to forget how much we rely on electrical power every day.
But, when the power suddenly goes out we realize our lives and
homes depend on it.


Smart speakers, lights, appliances and TVs can be left in the dark during a sudden power outage. Keep your smart home smart with one of our UPS systems for home.

Home Computers

Safely shutdown your home computer, gaming rig or monitor and save your important work that might have been lost without one of our UPS for computers.

Home Office Equipment

Work confidently from home knowing you have power protection from the best UPS for your home. Fire off that last email and keep in touch with your important clients.


Finish your level, save your progress or wrap up that multiplayer match knowing you have battery backup and power protection from one of our UPS for gaming.

Technology. Life. Power.

Technology provides us with convenience, access to information and security. Life is intertwined with this new technology and we depend on it every day. Power is the driving force that links technology and our lives together.

Keep Your Smart Home…Smart

Smart home devices can manage our homes and appliances with the touch of a button or the sound of our voice. Make sure your smart home stays smart with consistent and safe power levels for your lights, appliances, entertainment systems and more under the control of your Amazon or Google devices.


Don’t Miss a Deadline

A sudden power loss can have disastrous consequences for students or self-employed individuals working from home. Loss of unsaved work or data, disrupted communication between clients and missed deadlines are all potential consequences of power outages. Work through blackouts, maintain a network connection and save your files while on the battery backup power supplied by our UPS systems.

Keep Your Home Safe

The shutdown of home security systems is an unseen consequence of unintended power loss. Outdoor cameras, security keypads and more can run off your home’s power and could be negatively affected by power drops or sags. A bXterra backup system will ensure your home’s security system stays powered on and running optimally, keeping you and your home safe.


Protect Your Gear

Smart TVs, gaming consoles, stereo systems, streaming media players and home-theater PCs are just a few of the valuable and expensive devices in our homes easily affected by power surges or spikes. Defend your prized equipment from dangerous voltage situations and inconsistent power levels with the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology and surge protection inside a bXterra UPS.

24-Point Quality Assurance

Our 24-Point Quality Assurance Testing delivers equipment you can trust. The ISO 9001:2015-certified factory where our engineers test every product we make ensures our high standards for precision, reliability and performance are achieved. Continuous product innovation, greener solutions and new technologies at the highest-quality standards are at the foundation of how we deliver complete customer satisfaction.