Can your critical operations
afford to lose power?

Our enterprise power management solutions protect and optimize mission-critical corporate and departmental power applications. bXterra online double-conversion UPS systems provide continuous and stable power to critical loads and applications.

Network Closets & Server Rooms

Safeguard your data centers and server rooms from overvoltages, power surges, brownouts, blackouts and other irregular power situations with our Smart Online UPS systems.

Cloud-Based & Streaming Services

Keep your customers happy by ensuring your cloud-based or streaming services are always connected during a power loss with a bXterra Smart Online UPS backup system.

Finance &

Time is money in the world of finance and e-commerce. Keep your mission-critical equipment up and running during a utility power failure with a bXterra UPS system.

*Online Double-Conversion UPS Systems 2019

Technology. Enterprise. Power.

Technology advances your global operations, optimizing workflow and maximizing productivity. Enterprise powers our society and connects people around the world. Power keeps our worldwide systems running efficiently and safely.


Trading & Investments

Will your trade go through if your power goes out for even a fraction of a second? In the world of finance, split second decisions are made and acted on every day. Every year, billions of dollars are lost due to downtime caused by power interruptions that could’ve been prevented by a UPS system. When not even a millisecond of downtime is an option, bXterra online UPS systems ensure that there is no interruption between loss of AC power and battery backup.

Emergency Services

Emergency call centers and first-responder facilities are settings where a bXterra UPS system can make sure people get the help they need − fast. When a power loss or dropped call could be catastrophic, our battery backup systems are there when you need them. Our line-conditioning UPS systems keep your connected devices and systems safe from power surges and sags.


Edge Data Centers

Traditional data centers are evolving. This new category of data centers handles data workloads at the edge of the network, taking advantage of local connectivity and improved data response time. These Tier 3, N+1 on premise data centers cannot afford system downtime and transfer delay risking business continuity and productivity. Our UPS systems are designed, engineered and tested to help your company protect the edge of your operations.

24-Point Quality Assurance

Our 24-Point Quality Assurance Testing delivers equipment you can trust. The ISO 9001:2015-certified factory where our engineers test every product we make ensures our high standards for precision, reliability and performance are achieved. Continuous product innovation, greener solutions and new technologies at the highest-quality standards are at the foundation of how we deliver complete customer satisfaction.


*Online Double-Conversion UPS Systems 2019