SNMP Web Management Card

$189.00 MSRP

Protocol Support: TCP/IP, UDP, SNTP, HTTP/HTTPS, DHCP, SNMP v1/2/3, SMTP/SMTPS, TLS, SSL, Telnet, SSH, FTP, DNS, SysLog, IPV6, SCP
Network Support: RJ45 10/100 BaseT
Supported MIB: RFC1213, RFC1628, bXterra MIB
Supported Software: SNMP Manager and PowerFrame™ Business
Supported OS: Windows, Linux and Mac
Supported Extension Devices: Optional ENVIROMONITOR (Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
Power Consumption: 3 Watts (max.)
Operating Temperature: 32⁰F to 131⁰F
Operating Humidity: 0% to 95%
Dimensions, D x H x W (in): (3.1 x 1 x 2)
Weight (lbs): 0.25